Friday, August 22, 2014

Wallach on Law – The Road Back -- Featuring Karen Wolff, Social Worker with the Innocence Project and Harold Hall, who was released after 14 years when the 9th Circuit reversed his conviction

We discuss the problems facing those released from jail after prolonged periods – whether incarcerated justly or unjustly.  We speak with Karen Wolff, a social worker with the Innocence Project, about the work of Innocence Projects worldwide, and the tools that are needed to help those who have been in custody assimilate into society.  And we speak with Harold Hall, who was wrongly incarcerated for fourteen years until his conviction was ultimately overturned by a federal circuit court.  He will discuss the process of a coerced confession, the use of “jailhouse snitch” techniques to effectuate a conviction, and the hardships one faces as they attempt to rejoin society.  Wallach on Law is available on ITunes, IHeart Radio, and on here --  The show also airs Saturday, 1:00 pm central time on KKRP Lazer 1610 and other am stations. 

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